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Music Video – “The Light” by Loving Caliber and Ooyy

One of XDynamic’s favorite contributors, Marcus Möller produced this new video “The Light” featuring Loving Caliber and Ooyy using the EVOLVE 2.  In this testimonial, Marcus explains how the EVOLVE 2 helped them capture this amazing footage in extremely low light and the form factor were critical in bringing this complex production to light (no pun intended). 

“We were fortunate to have the EVOLVE 2 on this production and we managed to get some amazing shots.  We shot the whole video at night in pitch black conditions, lit only by two drones and the headlights of the car.

The extreme low light capabilities of the EVOLVE 2 permitted us to shoot successfully in these extreme conditions.  The compact size allowed us to take more risk in this dark environment as we managed to keep a safe distance from trees and bushes without interference with the video.   

We also used the Sony A7S III as the main camera (and on a bigger drone where possible) and we look forward to our next shoot with the EVOLVE 2.”

Marcus Möller
Director of Photography, “The Light”


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