LiDar Technology

High Precision and Accuracy in Distance Measurement

LiDAR measures distance to a target by illuminating it with a pulsed laser light and measuring the reflected pulses with a sensor. The system was born at Hughes Aircraft Company in 1961, shortly after the invention of the laser.

The EVOLVE 2 is one of the first drone platforms to use LiDAR technology as a sensor support system and operates at 50mw with a range of 0.1m to 10m. The high frequency of the wave length provides highly precise and accurate distance measurement making it extremely efficient for take-off and landing as well as sorties in poor weather conditions.

Photographer Piet Zwart said, “Color is a creative element and not just a trimming”. At XDynamics, we tend to agree with Piet. The EVOLVE 2 drone platform allows you to customize the LED lights on the aircraft providing stunning live-action hyperlapse shots and other amazing effects. In addition, if you are flying more than one sortie with other pilots – you can customize the rear lights to differentiate your aircraft from others flying near you.

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