Award Winning Dual Screen Ground Station Controller

Award Winning
Dual Screen Controller

The EVOLVE 2 features the world’s first dual touch screen controller (Ground Station) with high brightness 8” viewfinder and 5.5” control screens. The clamshell design protects the hardware while packing everything you need to fly, shoot, edit, and review footage in the field. “XDynamics also improved on what was already widely regarded as one of the best controllers on the market” Debra Cleghorn – Executive Editor, Rotor Drone Pro Magazine

Dual Touchscreen

8" FPV Viewfinder
and 5.5" Control Panel

1000 NIT Brightness

Maximum Visibility

11 Km* Max. Range

4 Km with Built-In Antennas


External Screen
for Video Output

Dual touch Screen

HDR Super Bright Screens

The EVOLVE 2 Ground Station is equipped with two 1000nits touch screens; an 8” FPV Viewfinder and a 5.5” Control Screen with anti-reflection coatings to minimize glare in bright conditions. Virtually every aspect of flight, shooting, camera control and drone setup are managed by the Ground Station.


Control Panel


FPV Viewfinder

1000 CD/C2


Extended Range Antennas

Directional and Ommidirectional Options

The Ground Station’s two built in antennas provide solid aircraft control and video transmission for up to 2.5 miles (4km). For more extreme locations, two external antennas can be utilized to extend ranges to 4.3 miles (7km) with an omnidirectional antenna and 6.8 miles (11km) with a directional antenna.

Removable High Power LIPO Battery

Multiple Flights, One Battery

The removable lithium-ion polymer battery on the Ground Station is an intelligent powerhouse that provides up to two hours of operation for flight, review, editing, sharing and set up. Additional backup batteries allow professionals to continue flying and shooting virtually non-stop in field without waiting to recharge.


Rapid Setup

Unpack. Start. Fly.

The EVOLVE 2 Ground Station is a completely integrated controller that eliminates the need for additional devices; boots quickly and once the propellers are installed on the aircraft – you can be ready to fly in as little as 1 minute.


Full Size HDMI. Micro

Extend Your Screen and Your Memory

Bringing a DP on your shoot? Extend your screen with full size HDMI ports for crystal clear replay on external devices. The Micro SD ports expands your caching ability while the USB-C provides the ability to expand cache and other storage to a full size external hard drive.

Smart Modes

Create Amazing Hands-Free Cinema Shots

Smart Modes require a strong GPS signal to support various automatic flight modes like Waypoint, Orbit, Tripod and Course Lock but the end result is amazing footage that is superior to manually flown footage.


Create a comprehensive flight plan with waypoints utilizing various locations, altitudes and directions. Then sit back let EVOLVE 2 do all the work from take-off to landing.


This mode allow you to circle around a key point of the interest by programming altitude, radius and flight speed.


Tripod mode slows down the EVOVLE 2 to capture the most complicated images and minute details with stunningly smooth video reproduction.

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