Drones Made in China – 1 massive Competitive Advantage.

Even though Chinese Drones (Drones Made in China) are being considered a National Security threat, China was the first country able to invest and develop Drones in a large scale production that led the market into the primary demand of a yet unknown technology that would push the boundaries of tech appliocation into the next level.

When the first NAZA controllers were presented to DYI platforms that even looking like prototypes has caught the attention of many investors with different objectives to pump some really strong energy into this new business.

China has developed a wide supply chain in the las 20 or 30 years that gave them the ability to create, manufacturer and develop any new part to a new project like the first DJI drones off the shelf.

Chinese Supply Chain – That’s one big player to the Drones Made in China

China has several competitive advantages in manufacturing that have helped it become a leading producer of many goods, including drones. Some of these advantages include:

  1. Low labor costs: China has a large population and a vast labor force, which means that labor costs are relatively low compared to other countries. This makes it cheaper for companies to manufacture products in China.
  2. Access to raw materials: China is rich in natural resources and has developed strong trade relationships with other countries, which gives it access to a wide range of raw materials needed for manufacturing.
  3. Infrastructure: China has invested heavily in its infrastructure, including roads, ports, and airports, which makes it easier and cheaper to transport goods around the country and to export them overseas.
  4. Government support: The Chinese government has implemented policies to support manufacturing, such as tax incentives, subsidies, and investment in research and development.
  5. Skilled workforce: China has a large and skilled workforce, with many people trained in engineering and manufacturing. This has helped Chinese manufacturers develop expertise in producing high-quality products at a competitive cost.

These factors, among others, have helped China become a major manufacturing hub, and also for Drones Made in China, and have given Chinese manufacturers a competitive advantage in many industries, including drone production. However, it’s worth noting that China’s manufacturing industry is facing increasing competition from other countries, and some companies are moving their production to other locations in search of lower costs or other advantages.

Drones Made in China

Limited Growth and the Commercial War

Many years into this product development and manufacturing has brought some limitations to the chinese industry as some political matters raised flags on the unclear code that some chinese AI devices brought inside them, bilateral accusations took place in the international scenario and the commercial war between the United States of America and China became escalated to the point of some company’s like DJI and some other kind of AI devices factories such as Huwaei getting Blacklisted by the USA resulting in some other related difficulties to the fast paced China such and mainly the access block of technology to produce smaller chips and thus more processing capable and smaller in the nano chips enviroment.

Can China produce nano chips, smaller and more powerfull?

Right now the answer is NO, the performant nano chips are mainly produced by it’s independent island, Taiwan. Many international policies and the internal conflicts between those countries have put a considered slow down onto the developing new AI capabilities for Drones due to the limited chinese technology to produce semiconductors, but…

China is actively developing its nanotechnology capabilities, including its ability to produce nano chips. Chinese semiconductor companies, research institutions, and government agencies have invested heavily in nanotechnology research and development in recent years, with the goal of becoming a leader in this field.

While China is making progress in developing its nanotechnology capabilities, it still faces some challenges, including access to critical materials and technology, as well as intellectual property protection issues. Nevertheless, China’s investments in nanotechnology and its semiconductor industry suggest that it has the potential to become a significant player in the global nano chip market in the coming years.

Where are these two countries headed to when the competition for a smarter AI kicks in?

As many years ago the United States and Russia ran for the space discovery it not only meant to be a scientific development but also a geo political challenge of a world going to a bipolar effort for power during the known Cold War period.

The AI discoveries and development are a recycle of what happened in the past? Maybe! Let’s analyse what made on country more sucessfull than the other and make a conclusion or prediction of where the future of AI Drones will come from.

Yes, we do believe that this competition for new technologies is not only struglling to conquer new business or opportunities but it’s also to determine which country has more power to face the era of information. AI systems are using more predicability to grow it’s inteligence on what they call “machine learning” .

Well, every small piece of learning information has to come from a source, small kids acquire knowledge from their teacher’s knowledge database as shareable experience. Ai machine learning gets their knowledge from huge big data datbases that has a great capability of storing and accessing information in the speed of light.

The better the algorithm to relate data from specific database, the smarter the AI device will become. The United States has more than 50 years of acquiring, selecting, filtering and sorting all kinds of information since the revolutionary age of main frames to personnal computers. China operates in a less sharable enviroment, more stricted and less regulated info space and has no experience of managing big databases or sources as the USA has. They are able to build the AI “Motor” but don’t have as much “GAS” to run it and make it more performant.

So the main competitive advantage of the western is to have more experience on conductiong the design and plan of AI solutions as well as the ability to protect the information by regulating and creating barriers to unwanted copiers all over the world.

As we’ve been seeing on the latest happening of Ukraine war, drones are playing a important role and the AI built in is predicting more than what eyes can see, but what a very fast brain allied with tons of data memory can result in a very accurate artificial prediciting machine,

No doubt there is a lot of discussions and information running on this scary and unknown future of the AI integrating Drones.

More info about it can be found on this website!

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