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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2018 – Not only is XDynamics introducing the Evolve at CES 2018, the world’s first consumer drone with a patent-awarded dual-screen remote controller and an incredibly advanced Smart Pilot System (SPS), but three other drones as well.


XDynamics’ Evolve at CES 2018


XDynamics will be showcasing the D-02, its next-generation aerial platform for professional drone cinematography and industrial applications. It is a high quality industrial grade unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) optimized for customization and compatibility.


The XDynamics D-02 is a customizable aerial platform designed with modularity in mind for use across a wide range of industries. Manufacturers, enterprise users and cinematographers can build upon the smart X8 octocopter to develop drones that fulfill their specific needs. From propulsion systems and sensors to gimbals and cameras, XDynamics is providing users with a wide range of options to be rolled out in phases creating the best combination possible.

Upon it’s initial release the D-02’s will include sets of propellers suitable for different atmospheric conditions and desired performance and a DSLR gimbal which can be adjusted easily to support different models of professional cameras and lenses. The 3-axis motorized gimbal eliminates vibrations, provides precise motor rotation and allows stable and smooth footage to be captured. Future releases will include gimbals for different camera systems. All gimbals are interchangeable, and can be attached and released quickly.


Benny Chan, CEO of XDynamics, said, “XDynamics D-02 is an inviting drone, in the sense that the product is custom-made to suit different professional needs with a suite of accessories and cameras to choose from. We welcome professionals across industries to set out their requirement with us, so we can build together the best drone for the industry-specific use case.”


The D-02 is an X8 octocopter with a monocoque chassis of carbon fiber propelled by 8 motors arranged in an “X”-shaped frame. It has 2 props on each of the 4 foldable arms underneath which sit the D-02’s retractable landing gear. This patented design not only makes D-02 the smallest professional drone when compared with similar drones in the same market, but more importantly provides significant redundancy while in the air. The D-02 is able to land safely even with a loss of power to some of the motors. Redundancy can also be found in the D-02’s systems of batteries, IMU (inertial measurement unit) and GPS modules. This ensures the safety of people, property and the aircraft itself. A secondary POV camera is also available at the front of the drone to show the pilot where the drone is headed and any obstacle ahead.

D-02 will make its debut at CES Las Vegas this year


Leveraging Amimon’s “zero latency” wireless broadcasting technology, the D-02 delivers incredible wireless live view performance with 1080p full high definition video at 60fps and transmission latency below 10 milliseconds. Delay-free image transmission makes D-02 the ideal aerial equipment for commercial TV and film production providing accurate framing and composition in real-time. It also allows users to fly safely by observing and responding immediately to the drone’s surrounding during infrastructure inspection, surveillance and other applications. Users can simply connect and enjoy the live view from their camera of choice with minimum latency.


The XDynamics D-02 is equipped with a DSLR camera gimbal and supports third-part hardware extensions. It is specially configured to interface with Canon 5D Mark IV but has also multiple payload configurations and sensor modules under the drone allowing for other electromechanical interfaces.


Take off weight: 10-12kg / 22-26.5lbs

Payload: 3.5-4kg / 7.75-8.8lbs

Wind: <20kt

RC Range: 5KM

Transmission Range: 1KM

Flight time: 20min with the maximum payload


Safety is a priority with the D-02 which features precise location with double GPS, an optional parachute and obstacle avoidance alarms.


The flight modes include: Sports Mode for quick flight response and nimble flight control and GPS Mode for stability, photo taking and waypoint path planning. The satellite redundancy in GPS mode allows for better landing capacity, hovering stability and precise location (cm) for 360-degree horizontal rotation.


Two additional drones are also being released in Q4 of 2018. The XDynamics Razor and Ranger. The Razor is a small quadcopter built for consumer surveillance, in-door flight and warehouse management. This ultra fast drone features a Lidar positioning system, dual redundany IMU and a flight time of up to 12 minutes. The 1/3.2 CMOS sensor has 8M effective pixels.


The XDynamics Ranger is a fixed wing carbon fiber drone built for industrial application. It features a Lidar positioning system with a thermal, infrared and multispectral camera. The Ranger is built for long range mapping and surveying with autonomous flight for up to 90 minutes.


Come and visit us CES 2018 in Booth MP26427 in the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC).


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