XDynamics x Maxim’s Caterers Limited drone demonstration

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HONG KONG, Sep. 28, 2017 – XDynamics cooperated with Maxim’s Caterers Limited to develop a food delivery drone to a great success. Flight demonstration has been completed during MakeIT Mashup which was held at Hong Kong Science Park (HKSTPC).

Customized solution for Maxim’s Caterers Limited’s

As for Maxim’s Caterers Limited’s vision in keeping fresh of food during delivery process, we are glad to join the project and figure out specialized software solutions to achieve the goal. A quadcopter is designed for the mission of delivering icy mooncake. The demonstration flight flew from Hong Kong Science Park Science Park East Avenue to fountain in front of Charles K. Kao Auditorium. The entire 76 meters journey took 3 minutes to complete.


The payload is about 300g, with total of 2.5 KG including the drone

Quadcopter for delivery

The quadcopter is made of carbon fiber with a built-in positioning and navigation system that allows flight automation, and is enough to deliver a fresh made pizza from point to pony autonomously. The 3D-printed plastic custom shelves were carried under the body of the quadcopter. Apart from reducing weight, it is less likely to block radio frequency transmission, increasing flight stability. In order to increase the toughness of plastic materials, FDM technology and I-shaped design were adopted in printing, which can effectively prevent deformation or damage.

Mooncake drone

The icy mooncake can fully put into the customized shelves

“Drones are not for entertainment only, many countries start to operate drones for commercial usage. I believe Hong Kong can provide good opportunities for drone business.” XDynamics CEO Benny Chan said.