Smart Pilot System

World’s First Dual-Screen Drone Controller

Embodied in an all-in-one package of hardware & software, Evolve drone controller is a smart pilot system (SPS) which combines all functions for users’ flying and filming needs under a single interface.

Ultimate Computing Power

Smart Pilot System features a 64-bit quad-core CPU and dedicated GPU, allowing comprehensive extendibility such as additional storage, FPV goggles, and VR headsets.

Flight Advisor

Make Your Flight More Easy

Keep up with drone status, and make your decisions by following advice

Path Planner

Select multiple waypoints by locations, altitudes and directions, and let the drone along by itself.


A Smart Device in one go

Smart Pilot System takes care of your need from pre-flight to post-flight.

Flightworks Studio

Organize your aerial media files at a glance; and enhance your photos quickly with filter effects


Offline Map

Ensure the map to be displayed at out-door flight without Wi-Fi or cellular signal

Firmware Manager

Update all firmware of Evolve drone, camera and remote controller at a glance


Voice Command#

Operate Smart Pilot System with human voice, you no longer need to move your hands out from the control stick to tap the screen.

# This function will be released by firmware update.