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About XDynamics

What XDynamics do

What We Do

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Hong Kong, XDynamics designs, develops, manufactures, and markets high-end drone products for consumers and professionals.


Its development team consists of industry-leading experts from Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, and China with several decades of experience in aerial robotics, aerodynamics, flight control algorithms, computer vision, and imaging technology.


XDynamics is committed to empower users with freedom and autonomy through drone technology, unleashing unlimited creativity in aerial videography and spatial data collection. .

Drone Hardware

Build top specification drones with proprietary sensors, radios, motors, gimbals that deliver the high performance, safety and reliability for your daily flying.

XDynamics Hardware - Evolve Drone
XDynamics Evolve Dual Screen Controller

Drone Software

Develop powerful drone software with user-centric interface to deliver infinitive features. Our software makes it simple to setup your drone to meet your needs.

Drone Solutions

Create drone solutions specifically optimized to solve your problem and deliver innovative ideas to your business. With decades of collective experience in the drone industry, our team of developers, engineers, and specialists can help you get started.

XDynamics Evolve 4K Camera